Are you Insurance Poor?

Many of my clients say they are insurance poor and that concerns me. To me it says that I have not done as good of job as I should to explaine the aspects of insruance.

Are you insurance poor if your house burns down and you wanted to save an extra $100 a year by removing replacement cost on your house? By having Replacement cost at the time of the fire puts an extra 50k back into building your house?

Are you insurance ppor by lowering your auto limits and then after you had your accident and caused paralyzation to the driver you accidently hit you find out that an extra $400,000 of coverage would have ccost you a measly $34.00 efverysix months?

Some tough exampless but we are never insurance poor unless you can predict when you are going to have an accidetn or a fire. Call me and we can discuss some more.