Keep your pets safe on Halloween

Halloween is a great time for kids of all ages but it isn’t always fun for pets. Here are 7 ways to help keep your pets safe this Halloween.

  1. Provide Safe Treats for your Pet: Pets stores sell Halloween treats for pets so they can join the fun.  Keep chocolate, sticks from caramel apples, wrappers, candy and foils away from your pets. They can be harmful.
  2. Don’t leave pets in a parked car: If locked in a car while you gone your pet could become frightened by all the noise and passersby. They could get aggressive trying to protect the car or even become bored and damage the interior of the car. Leave them at home in a safe place indoors.
  3. Make sure they have ID tags: Always make sure they have a current ID on their collar. If they do get out of the house and are lost the ID can be life saving.
  4. Keeps Pets Indoors:  Because of superstitions, black cats are especially at risk. Some mean jokers have stolen, teased or injured pets that were left outside on Halloween.
  5. Keep Pets away from the door: The constant doorbell ringing, doors opening and closing and people talking and laughing can be stressful on your pets. Keep them in another room to help keep them calm.
  6. Be cautious with decorations: Cats and Kittens are attracted to the flickering light of a candle in a carved pumpkin. They can knock it over and burn themselves or start a fire. Use battery operated lights instead.
  7. Choose pet costumes wisely: Keep it simple, like a decorative collar or bandana. If you choose a full costume make sure it fits correctly. Too tight could cut off circulation or hinder breathing, too loose and your pet could trip over it, get it stuck on objects in and out of the house.