What? My Auto Claim is NOT Covered?

If the names on the title of your car and the named insured’s on your auto policy do not match, you will not have coverage in the event of a claim.

One of the most important things to remember is that the named insured listed on your insurance policy needs to match the names on the  title of the vehicle.   If John and Sally Doe’s son, Donny Doe, buys his first car and the title to the new vehicle has only Donny Doe’s name on it, but he adds this vehicle to mom and dad’s auto policy (John and Sally Doe listed as named insured),  THEY WON’T HAVE COVERAGE!    The names on the title have to match the insurance policy’s named insured for coverage to apply.   You need to communicate this information to your agent.    Don’t get caught thinking you have coverage when your son Donny Doe might not!  

Who has permission to drive your car?

This question is asked many, many times throughout the year. The answer: The automobile policy is the broadest policy for insurance. Basically, the persons named on the policy, as in named insured, can give permission to anybody else to drive their car and there would be coverage. Please check your policy or call us at Davidson Insurance Agency, Inc. for questions and clarifications to make sure your policy complies.